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Sunday, February 25, 2024

The prince's children - eight sons and daughters of the Prince of Liechtenstein, by Heinrich Füger, before 1818

Prince Aloys and Princess Henriette.
Princes Karl Johann and Franz de Paula.
Princess Ida and Prince Rudolf.
Princesses Sophie and Maria.

Johann I Joseph (Johann Baptist Josef Adam Johann Nepomuk Aloys Franz de Paula; 26 June 1760 - 20 April 1836) was Prince of Liechtenstein between 1805 and 1806 and again from 1814 until 1836. (In 1806, a victorious Napoléon incorporated Liechtenstein into the Confederation of the Rhine and made it a sovereign state, with Johann I Joseph as regent. After Napoléon's fall, Liechtenstein became a member of the German Confederation, with the prince's position restored.) In 1792 he married Landgravine Josepha of Fürstenberg-Weitra (21 June 1776 - 23 February 1848); the couple would have fourteen children:

Princess Maria Leopoldine Josepha Sophia Aemiliana (1793 - 1808)
Princess Karoline (1795 - died in infancy)
Prince Aloys Maria Josef Johann Baptista Joachim Philipp Nerius, later Aloys II, sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein (1796 - 1858)
Princess Sophie Marie Josepha (1798 - 1869)
Princess Maria Josepha (1800 - 1884)
Prince Franz de Paula Joachim Joseph (1802 - 1887)
Prince Karl Borromäus Johann Nepomuk Anton (1803 - 1871)
Princess Klothilda Leopoldina Josepha (1804 - 1807)
Princess Henriette (1806 - 1886)
Prince Friedrich Adalbert (1807 - 1885)
Prince Eduard Franz Ludwig (1809 - 1864)
Prince August Ludwig Ignaz (1810 - 1824)
Princess Ida Leopoldine Sophie Marie Josephine Franziska (1811 - 1884)
Prince Rudolf Maria Franz Placidus (1816 - 1848)

Prince Aloys, later Aloys II, sovereign Prince of Liechtenstein (1796 - 1858).
Princess Henriette (1806 - 1886).
Prince Franz de Paula (1802 - 1887).
Prince Karl Johann (1803 - 1871).
Princess Ida (1811 - 1884).
Prince Rudolf (1816 - 1848).
Princess Sophie (1798 - 1869).
Princess Maria (1800 - 1884).

Of the eleven surviving children present at the time these portraits were completed, only eight are portrayed. I don't know if the three missing children - Prince Friedrich Adalbert, Prince Eduard Franz Ludwig, Prince August Ludwig Ignaz - were the subjects of an additional portrait - which has since been lost or is merely unavailable online - or whether it simply never existed. (It isn't a case of the youngest being left out, either, since the two youngest are included here.)


Heinrich Friedrich Füger (8 December 1751, Heilbronn - 5 November 1818, Vienna), German portrait and history painter. Stylistically, his work was influenced Anton Raphael Mengs and Jacques-Louis David. Having studied in Stuttgart and Leipzig, he later traveled and spent time in Rome and Naples. On his return to Vienna he was appointed court painter, professor and vice-director of the Academy of Fine Arts, and in 1806 he was made director of the Belvedere Gallery. Aside from his history paintings, he was a popular portrait painter to the courts of Vienna and Naples.

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