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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Randomly XXI

Portrait of a Boy, by Jan Roos, circa first quarter of the seventeenth century.
 Pete Mitchell, also known as Dust Maker, from the Ponca tribe in Northern Nebraska, by Frank Rinehart, 1898.
The Dolly Sisters, 1923.
Louis-Antoine de Gontaut-Biron, duc de Biron as a peacock, French School, circa middle of the eighteenth century.
Photograph by William Vanderson, 1936.
Academic study, by Hippolyte-Dominique Holfeld, 1831.
The dancer Marianne Cochois, attributed to Antoine Pesne, circa 1723.
Louise-Rosalie Lefebvre, dite Madame Dugazon, dans le rôle de Nina, French School, circle of Vigée Le Brun, circa 1780s.
 Lilacs, by Johan Laurentz Jensen, 1845.
Baron Oscar Ruben von Rothschild at the age of ten, by Leopold Horowitz, 1898.
Courtesy of Stephen Rutledge.
The Martyrdom of Saint Denis, toile marouflée in the Panthéon, Paris, by Léon Bonnat, 1880.
Portrait of a Lady, by Anton Einsle, circa 1840.
Portrait d'un gentilhomme à cheval avec carrosse devant une porte monumentale, by François Duchatel, circa 1660s.
Le Cavalier-1917, by René-George Gautier, 1927.
 Marie-Geneviève Gaudart de Laverdine, by Jean-Marc Nattier, 1734.
Head of a Woman with a Flower Necklace, by Maurice Marinot, 1920.
Afternoon dress, American, circa 1865.
Academic study, by Auguste Mengin, 1871. This and the study below were obviously both drawn at the same time.
 Academic study, by Eugène Quignolot, 1871. Both were awarded a second prize at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
The former Empress Joséphine, by Firmin Massot, circa 1812.
Élégants dans un parc, French School, circa 1780s.
Eskil Wahlgren, Sweden, unknown photographer, 1915.
René Charles Dassy and his brother Jean-Baptiste-Claude-Amédée Dassy, by Jean-Hippolyte Flandrin, 1850.
Henriette d'Angleterre, duchesse d’Orléans, school of Pierre Mignard, before 1670.
The Sea, by James Abbott McNeill Whistler, 1865.
Anna Passini auf dem Balkon des Palazzo Priuli in Venedig, by Ludwig Passini, 1866. A portrait of the artist's wife.
Anna Passini died the same year this was painted, at the age of twenty-five, after only a year and a half of marriage; the portrait may have been posthumous.
Dandelions, by Ludwik Stasiak, 1900.
Frederick Douglass, circa 1840.
Portrait of a Widow, by Pieter Borsseler, 1664.
 The Storks, by Louise Dubois, 1858.
 To the Sahara, by Yan Yugay, 2020.
The Music Room/Family Portrait, English School, circa 1780s.
Overture de la nouvelle galerie du LIDO aux Champs-Elysées, 1927. (I haven't been able to identify the illustrator "Laur...")
Courtesy of Matthew Dennison.
A Spring Hat and the City of Bath, series for British Vogue, by Norman Parkinson, 1948.
Adrian Lukas Müller, by Franz von Stuck,1924.
 Madame Louis Cézard, by Paul Baudry, 1871.
Traditionally identified as Elizabeth, wife of Bishop Andrew Downe, by Lemuel "Francis" Abbott, 1786.
Marie Antoinette as a Vestal, attributed to Charles Emmanuel Leclercq, circa 1778.
Copy of the above portrait, artist unknown.
Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1900.
Sumo, 1890.
 Tulips in a vase, Louis Valtat, 1923.
Georges Haasen, by Félix Vallotton, 1913.
Anarchist Louis Lingg, 1887.
Römischer Park, by Ludwig Passini, circa 1880.
The Bay of Naples, by Sebastian Pether, 1823.
Studies of hands on breasts, by Antoine Berjon, circa late eighteenth to early nineteenth century.
Youth Playing a Flute, by Hans von Schrötter, 1913.
"May Queen", circa 1855-60.
Gladiators After the Fight, by José Moreno Carbonero, 1882.
Hendrik Andersen and John Briggs Potter in Florence, by Andreas Martin Andersen, 1894. The artist was the brother of the figure at left.
The marquise de Sainte-Maure d'Origny as a Sultana, by Jacques-André-Joseph Aved "Le Camelot", circa 1743.
 Students at Howard University, 1946.
Virginia's Dolls, by Douglas Stannus Gray, circa 1940s.
Margherita Sparapani Gentili Boccapadule, by Laurent Pécheux, 1777.
Paysage du Boulogne, by Félix Vallotton, 1919.
Family portrait, by Adriaen Thomasz Key, 1583.
Edna Smith in a Japanese Wrap, by Robert Henri, 1915.
Hungary, 1925.