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L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e  ~  D o s t o ï e v s k i

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Randomly XXI

Portrait d'un noble tenant une branche de laurier d'or et représenté à la manière du héros mythologique Énée, by Nicolas Régnier, circa 1660.
Portrait of a lady, by Alexandre Roslin, circa 1780.

No photographs this time! I wanted the paintings - and a few drawings - to shine on their own without the distraction of the often cheeky and/or bizarre photographs I usually include. As always, though, I - randomly - pulled the images here from the vast collection of things I've tossed into the "Randomly" folder on my laptop. And also, as always, I'm surprised at how the gathered images "speak" to each other. In this instance I happened to pull several examples of the work of the same artists. Roslin, Boilly, Constantin Hansen. And then several pieces related to artists from the Golden Age of Danish Painting, both portrayed and portraying. And then there're the pairings or groupings of color and pose and detail that so frequently show up in these unplanned collections. Or just the funny or telling juxtapositions. As someone as fussy and controlled as I am in all my artistic endeavors, I really enjoy seeing how these particular posts shake out; it's rather nice to just sit back and let my subconscious do all the heavy lifting.

Růžová komnata v Jankowcích (Pink Chamber in Jankowce), by Józef Mehoffer, circa 1907-13.
Self-portrait, by Stanisław Szygell, 1922.
Still life, by Louis-Léopold Boilly, 1785.
Greek in a Red Coat, by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, 1839.
Youth playing a flute, by Constantin Hansen, circa 1826.
Señora de Casanova, by Gabriel Morcillo Raya, 1945.
Roza Karinger, the artist's wife, by Anton Karinger, 1869.
Bouquet of flowers, by Gustav Feith, 1946.
Marquis de Saint-Paul, by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, circa 1760.
On the Map, by William Coldstream, 1937.
Mademoiselle Albert, by Jean-François Bony, 1817.
Love's Shadow, by Frederick Sandys, 1867. The painting was modeled by actress Mary Ellen Jones, Sandys' common-law wife.
 Proud Maisie, by Frederick Sandys, circa 1867.
 Thought to be a portrait of Count Fortunato Martinengo Cesaresco, by Moretto da Brescia, circa 1540-42.
Figure study, by George Gibbs, 1895.
The Image Seller, self-portrait with casts, by William Daniels, circa 1850.
Archduke Wenceslaus of Austria, by Alonso Sánchez Coello, circa 1570.
Portrait of a girl with a cup (Elise Købke), by Constantin Hansen, 1850.
Unknown lady, circle of Alexandre Roslin, circa 1780s.
Self-portrait, by Joseph Paelinck, 1812.
Nina, daughter of Frederick Lehmann, Esq., by John Everett Millais, 1869.
Christopher, the artist's son, by Carl Schmitt, circa 1940s.
Unknown man, by Owe Zerge, circa mid-twentieth century.
Madame Lenoir, by Joseph-Siffred Duplessis, 1764.
 Portrait of an officer, probably Major William Wylde, Southwell Volunteer Infantry, British School, circa 1803-8.
Bacchante holding a thyrsus, by Cesare Ciani, circa third quarter of the nineteenth century.
 Miners "The Sons of Vulcan”, by Alfred Schwarzschild, 1902.
Portrait of a boy in oriental costume, by Louis-Léopold Boilly, circa 1805.
Unknown lady, unknown artist, circa 1860s.
The Black Feather Boa, by André Derain, 1935.
Young John Bateman as Cupid, by Nicolas de Largillière, circa 1725-26.
Portrait d'homme en Apollon, by François de Troy, before 1730.
Cowboy, by Eugene Speicher, 1932.
Figure study, French School, nineteenth century.
James Butler, later 9th Earl of Ormond and 2nd Earl of Ossory, by Hans Holbein the Younger, circa 1537.
Giovan Carlo de' Medici, copy after Justus Sustermans, circa 1622-24.
Poppy - Olga Prakhova in masquerade dress, by Oleksandr Murashko, circa 1897-98.
The sculptor George Grey Barnard, by Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz, 1890.
Soldier Bather, by Gerrit Dou, circa 1660-65.
Géraud-Christophe-Michel Duroc, duc de Frioul (created 1808), by Louis-Léopold Boilly, circa 1806-9.
The painter Wilhelm Marstrand, by Christen Købke, 1836.
El Descanso, by Charles Porion, 1856.
Two Women, by Clément Serveau, 1933.
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Templeton, by William Bruce Ellis Ranken, 1935.
Jonathan Tichenor, by Paul Cadmus, 1942.
Arthur John Richmond, the artist's son, by George Richmond, 1845. Inscribed: Arthur John Richmond - Born May 12th 1844 - Died June 2 1845.
Dancing Children (unfinished), by Lorens Pasch the Younger, 1760.
Bertha Marie and Angela Jacobe Weis, by Constantin Hansen, 1864.
 Freundschaftsbild (friendship picture), byTheodor Hildebrandt, circa 1823.
Ode to Friendship, unknown artist, circa 1850.
Nature morte, French School, 1670.
Riposo dei Cavatori di Monte Ceceri (Rest of the Quarrymen of Monte Ceceri), by Baccio Maria Bacci, 1925.
Morning, by Dod Procter, 1926.
Géraud-Christophe-Michel Duroc, duc de Frioul (created 1808), by Antoine-Jean Gros, 1806.
Academic Nude, Académie Julian, by J. C. Leyendecker, 1896.
Portrait of a Lady in Green, attributed to William Larkin, circa 1610.
Sunflower plant, by Bartolomeo Bimbi, 1721.
Miniature of an unknown officer of the Imperial Guard, French School, circa 1814.
Christoffer Bogislaus Zibet, by Alexandre Roslin, 1784.
The two daughters of the artist's bother Otto and their West-Indian nanny, Justina, in the Frederiksberg Gardens, near Copenhagen, by Wilhelm Marstrand, 1857.