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Friday, December 2, 2022

People in the dark - five nocturnal paintings

A Gentleman's Club, by Frank Street, 1917.
Evening with Bengal Fires in the Vauxhall, Brussels Park, by Petrus van Schendel, circa 1860s.
The Vauxhall of Brussels - French: Vauxhall de Bruxelles, Dutch: Vauxhall van Brussel - otherwise known as the Waux-Hall...
... is a historic building in Brussels Park - French: Parc de Bruxelles, Dutch: Warandepark - in Brussels, Belgium, first opened in 1781.
Le Verre de porto, also known as A Dinner Table at Night, by John Singer Sargent, 1884.
Aftenpassiar or Evening Talk, by Viggo Johansen, 1886.
Le Balcon, by René-François-Xavier Prinet, 1905-1906.


  1. The Gentleman's Club painting is interesting. Is it a valet or gentleman in the doorway summoning the seated gentleman. Or is it more sinister. The stern face of the valet or gentleman in the doorway, the startled posture of the seated gentleman as he drops his newspaper. Bearer of bad news, a challenge or threat, a stalker, a vengeance seeker or a black-mailer .
    Either one could be victim or villain or both.
    One could make much of this painting, so many interpretations.
    - Rj/IE

  2. The Warandepark and the Vauxhall in Brussels still exist and haven't changed.

  3. nice info!! can't wait to your next post!