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Sunday, September 25, 2022

The power in turning away - portraits of the female profile

Eugénie Ritter, by Benjamin-Constant, 1903. 
Une femme de chez nous au cheveux crépus (A local woman with curly hair), by Takou D’Assié, circa 2020.
Portrait of a Lady in Red, Florentine School, circa 1460-70.
Portrait of Woman Turned, by Coolidge Ozaki, circa 1942-45.
The Orchid, by Fujishima Takeji, 1926.
Woman or goddess, nicknamed “La Parisienne”, from the western wing of the palace at Knossos, circa 1350 BCE.
Portrait of a Woman in Profile, Turned to the Left, by William Sommer, 1890.
Study of the Head of a Young Woman in Profile, by Matthijs Maris, 1855.
Medallion, double portrait of the artist and her lover Nesta Obermer, also called the "YouWe" painting, by Gluck, 1936.
Profile Portrait of a Lady, American School, circa 1835-40.
Tomb wall depicting Queen Nefertari, consort of Rameses II, circa 1298-1235 BCE.
Portrait Study in Profile, by Marion L. Pooke, circa 1911.
Head in Profile, by Emil Nolde, 1919.
Profilo di donna, by Charles Lefèbvre, nineteenth century.
Profile Portrait of a Woman to the Left, unknown pastellist, circa 1800-20.
Supposed posthumous portrait of Cleopatra VII of Egypt, from Herculaneum, circa first century AD.
Profile of an Italian Woman by Mary Cassatt, 1873.
Portrait of a Young Woman, by Sofonisba Anguissola, circa 1580s.
A Young Woman, by Friedrich von Amerling, 1834.
Noia Tangerina (Girl from Tangiers), by Josep Tapiró i Baró, circa 1900-10.
Portrait of a Young Girl, by Philip Wilson Steer, 1932.
Classical Head in Profile, by William Hoare, circa second half of the eighteenth century.
Profil de femme au chignon (Profile of a woman with a chignon), by Pablo Picasso, 1904.
Nanna, Profile to Right, by Anselm Feuerbach, 1864.
Profile of a Blonde Woman on a Blue Background, by Francis Picabia, circa 1941-1942.
Portrait of Lady Vivien, by Konstantin Makovsky, 1900.
Portrait of a Lady in Profile, by Carel Fabritius, 1654.
Head of a Woman Seen in Profile, by Bartolomeo Passarotti, circa second half of the sixteenth century.
Profile of a Woman, by Fujishima Takeji, 1926-27.
Profile of a Young Woman, by Giovanni Boldini, circa 1880s (?).
Portrait of a Young Woman in Profile with a Mask in her Right Hand, by Giambattista Piazzetta, circa 1720-30.
Porträtt av Ung Kvinna i profil (Portrait of young woman in profile), by Emilie Mundt, circa 1880s.
Profile Portrait of a Young Lady, by Piero del Pollaiuolo, circa 1465.
Young Girl in Profile, by Alexei Alexeevich Harlamoff, circa 1880s.
Blackfoot Woman, by Joseph Henry Sharp, 1905.
Profile of a woman, India, Delhi, circa first half of the nineteenth century.
Rembrandt’s Mother, by Jan Lievens, circa 1629.
Bathsheba, by Philip Wilson Steer, circa 1919-21.
Profile of a Nubian Girl, by Franz Xavier Kosler, before 1905.

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