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Sunday, August 1, 2021

The gentleman Bogart


Taken after his star-making role in "The Petrified Forest" but before actually becoming a star several years later, these photographs capture a refined and gentlemanly Bogart, images that reflect his privileged upbringing, so different from the hard-boiled "Bogie" of movie legend. The setting is said to be one of the villas at the Garden of Allah, the famous West Hollywood hotel complex where Bogart frequently resided, during and between marriages. Circa 1936-37, the portraits are possibly the work of Mickey Marigold, a still photographer for Warner Brothers.

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  1. These are intriguing photographs of a wonderful actor. They made me realize I know few details about his life. I promptly popped over to Wikipedia and read the bio on him. He must have been a fascinating man. He is a favorite actor of mine. Thanks for the photos.