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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Judy Garland and Gene Kelly, publicity for "For Me and My Gal", 1942

Judy Garland at twenty, in her seventeenth film, in that brief period when the "geniuses" of Hollywood make-up finally got her eyebrows right: soft and fairly natural, correctly placed. Her brows had been continually and unflatteringly mismanaged since her debut in pictures at the age of thirteen. And they would soon be altered again, given a higher, unnatural placement in an effort to "glamorize" her; they never recovered.

Gene Kelly at thirty, in his first film, before they got his hairpiece worked out. It's fairly fluffy here, of a slightly lighter color, and with a bit of a widow's peak. Subtly different from the very tidy, nearly black, close-to-the-head style with which we're so familiar.

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  1. Loved that movie!! Amazing to think of Garland in her 17th film at that age.