L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e ~ D o s t o ï e v s k i

L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e  ~  D o s t o ï e v s k i

Monday, December 1, 2014

"Fetish" shoe, circa 1930s

Perverse, yes. Extreme, certainly. But yet so lovingly made; there is an unexpected but very real tenderness to this shocking object.

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  1. I see exactly what you are seeing here. As profoundly twisted as this is, the level of workmanship infuses it with such loving care, that you cannot really escape feeling that, along with its intended message. I also find it interesting that the platform and heel are paved in rhinestones, which creates yet another layer of subtle meaning. The woman, (at least we can probably safely assume it was a woman) who wore these, was not only being hindered from motion but elevated to a nearly literal pedestal, like some B&D goddess.