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L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e  ~  D o s t o ï e v s k i

Monday, December 8, 2014

A temporary adjustment

I completely adore posting to this blog. As it's gone along, it has come to be such a wonderful, personally satisfying forum for me, allowing me to share/spout off about all sorts of things for which I would otherwise have little outlet; it makes me very happy and even proud to be able to do what I do here.

The only drawback is that I spend an unconscionable amount of time putting these posts together. With my pedantic, perfectionist soul, I often go to extreme measures, with hours of research on the texts, more hours searching out the best, largest images that I then spend more time sizing and perfecting in Photoshop. Also, a while back, I set the rather extreme goal of making this a daily endeavor. All of that would fine - indeed, glorious! - if I could make it my full-time job. But as I still have a part-time job in the real world and, more importantly, a very important, very ambitious exhibition of my work coming up in May, I really can't rationalize the level of absorption that I've indulged in of late with this blog.

So, for a while, at least, I'm going to attempt to limit my time spent preparing posts, limit the number of posts per week. For now, I'll be posting four times a week rather than seven: Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.

Rather ridiculous how desperate, how tragic I sound about all this...!  But, then, you all know what a very silly fellow I am.  : )

La Coiffure interrompue - acrylic on panel - 20x16 - 2010 - detail.


  1. I could not possibly understand more. Sometimes I wonder that I find time for anything beyond work and blogging. Spend your energies wisely, My friend. We will all be here for you whenever you are ready to speak out.

  2. OF course -you needn't apologize! Blogging is supposed to be fun afterall. I started for the same reason as you really and after 8 years now, I've cut back (as you probably know). If i'm busy I'll have 2 posts a week but when I have time I'm happy to do more as inspiration comes. Years ago I used to post daily and it was too stressful for just a hobby! we'll be here as often as you are!

  3. Thanks to this rich daily feast, you've turned us all into spoilt children greedy for another slice from the tea table.
    How will we ever manage on 4 posts per week?
    In fact, it's bound to be a good thing for your devoted readers, allowing us more time to do justice to what has been posted....

  4. I have been amazed at your output...I'm still amazed that you will have time to post 4 times a week...though grateful!

  5. You're all very kind. And Stefan, I don't - want - to cut back, I just must in order to get other things done. Actually, I can't think of any "work" I more enjoy. : )