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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Randomly XI

Circa late 1920s.
Portrait of Karoline von Schlotheim, by Wilhelm Böttner, 1788.
Sapiente con compasso e globo (Allegory of the Compass and Globe), by Dosso Dossi, circa 1520-1522.
Dale Curry, by the American Model Guild, circa 1950s.
"Study of an old man", by Anton Ažbe, 1886.
Le Chérubin de Mozart (Désirée Manfred), by Jacques-Émile Blanche, circa 1903.
Archduchess Maria Amalia of Austria, Duchess of Parma, by Johan Zoffany, circa 1770s.
Unknown, courtesy the collection of Ralf de Jonge.
Portrait of a young boy, German School, circa 1820.
Trahie-Perplexité (Betrayed - Perplexity), by Alfred Stevens, circa 1860s.
Poster for Devaux champagne, design by Ernst Dryden, circa 1930s.
Portrait of a Girl with a Cage, by Pierre Gobert, circa first third of the eighteenth century.
Satirical portrait of Hilaire Rouillé du Coudray, called "de Boissy", marquis de Boissy et du Coudray,
circle of Jean-Baptiste Leprince, circa 1780s.
Unknown, collection Stephen Rutledge.
Portrait of a Young Woman, Lima School, circa 1780s.
The vicomtesse de Renouard de Bussière, miniature by Pierre-Adolphe Hall, circa 1780s.
#57 Untitled, August 11, 1954, New York, NY, by Vivian Maier, 1954.
Unknown, courtesy the collection of Ralf de Jonge.
Saudade, by José Ferraz de Almeira Jr., 1899.
La Divina in Blu, by Giovanni Boldini, circa 1910.
Ex voto [San Sebastián], by Ángel Zárraga y Argüelles, 1912.
Unknown, courtesy the collection of Ralf de Jonge.
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, unknown wood sculptor, circa 1936.
French recruitment poster, 1942.
Mary with a Black Hat (the artist's daughter), by Edmund Charles Tarbell, circa 1915-20.
Portrait of the artist's wife, by Edward Okuń, 1907.
Drexel University Rifle Club Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1925.
Le Masque de Beethoven, by Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant, 1887.
Mrs. Oppenheim, by William Powell Frith, circa 1864.


  1. The hats in La Divina in Blu by Boldini and Mary with a Black Hat by Tarbell, are fantastic. Two of the hats in the first advertisement, with broad rims, are also stunning.

    I still look in the shops for fashionable Edwardian hats now.

  2. Another great group. Love those college gals with their beautiful shoes and their guns pointed at themselves.

  3. A lot to enjoy in this grab bag. I am particularly grabbed by the insouciant St. Sebastian and the wicked eyebrows of Mrs. Okuń.

  4. You've given me so much pleasure. I can go to your site whenever I need to look at something beautiful or learn something new or just page through, looking at art and folly alike. (They're so closely related, aren't they?)

    I know I said this before, but your frame of reference (and, I guess, of reverance, at least for beautiful things) is staggering.

    Still stopping by 3,4 times a week. This one is jaw-dropping.

    1. Golly...! Again, thank you so very much, Timothy. I so appreciate your kind, supportive words. : )