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Friday, September 22, 2017

Bogart. Uncool.

Well, maybe "uncool" is unkind. Let's just say that most of these images don't really conjure the iconic "Bogie".

At Liza Minnelli's sixth birthday part, 1952.
Photograph by Elmer Fryer, 1938.
Makeup tests for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948.
At the age of two; admittedly adorable, if not terribly cool.
Well, what can you expect when you pose with a penguin...?
(I'm not sure who the woman is.)
As "bandito" John Murrell, in Virginia City, 1940.
With Mona Maris in A Devil with Women, 1930.
Intentionally dorky. The Big Sleep, with Sonia Darrin, 1946.
Unintentionally dorky. Dark Passage, 1947.
With his third and penultimate wife, Mayo Methot, and company.
On the Fox Studios squash courts with Kenneth McKenna, circa 1930-32.
With co-star Toru Shimada during a rehearsal for Tokyo Joe, 1949.
As a teenager. It's a challenge to look tough when you're a kid with a pipe and a Pekinese.
Way beyond cool. With his daughter Leslie.
An actor prepares. On the set of The Return of Doctor X, 1939. Probably not his favorite role.
Bogart with a bunny. I guess that says it all.
"For Roxanne that dish...."


  1. In the first photo, we are guessing that poor old Bogart was caught unawares by the photographer. No-one on earth would be voluntarily photographed in that bathing suit and those flippers :(

    Ditto the last photo, stuffing his face. Photographers can be cruel.

    Hels and Joseph