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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Galitzine, by Rokotov, circa 1760s

Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich Galitzine (1735 - 10 June 1771), Russian nobleman of the princely house of Galitzine. Son of Prince Mikhail Mikhailovich Galitzine (1684 - 1764) and his second wife Tatiana Kirillovna Galitzine, née Naryshkina (1702 - 1757), he was a colonel in the army; I can find nothing more of his life, or why he died so young, in his thirty-sixth year.


Fyodor Stepanovich Rokotov (1736 - December 24, 1808), one of the most important Russian portrait painters of his day.  Born into a family of serfs, belonging to the Repnin family, little is known of his life.  He gained his freedom by the end of the 1750s and, after studying at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts, he became established as a very fashionable painter.

His work is unlike that of any of his contemporaries.  All of his portraits, no matter the subject, have a strongly poetic, even wistful, aspect.

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  1. Most of the Galitzine family are living in the USA, France and the UK, but some didn't leave Russia after the revolution. One of the Galitzine living in London, is a young well known actor of Cinema and Theatre, Prince George E. Galitzine, who was born in 1993.