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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jamin LeFave, self-portraits

This self-portrait, in particular, is rather extraordinary; a coming together of model, coloration, lighting, and style that is nearly worthy of Sargent.

The work of a contemporary artist makes a rare appearance on my blog!  I can't really find out anything about Jamin LeFave other than that he lives in Utah and, I believe, teaches in the art department at Utah Valley University.  Most of his portrait work is very conservative and, honestly, I don't find it terribly interesting, but I think his self-portraits are really quite wonderful.

On his website, he posted three images that showed the subtle changes in a self-portrait - the one at the beginning of the post - as he was working on it:

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  1. interesting to see the same artist, same model, different techniques. He's obviously a good looking man and the top one seems the most interesting as you say.