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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lady Wantage, by de László, 1911

Baroness Wantage of Lockinge (1837 - 9 August 1920), peeress and wife of Brigadier-General Robert James Loyd-Lindsay, 1st Baron Wantage, British soldier, politician, philanthropist, and one of the founders of the organization that was the forerunner of the British Red Cross Society.  She was born the Honorable Harriet Sarah Jones-Loyd, the only surviving child and heiress of Samuel Jones-Loyd, 1st and last Baron Overstone, one of the richest men in Great Britain; when his daughter married in 1858, he endowed the couple with a considerable fortune and the Lockinge estate near Wantage.  In her own right, Lady Wantage was a noted philanthropist, taking a great interest in hospital and nursing work, and became a respected and much loved figure.  The couple had no children.

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  1. Oh to be seated next to her at dinner. What a treat that would've been.