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Friday, April 25, 2014

Self-portraits by George Washington Lambert, 1900-1930

Self-Portrait with Gladioli, 1922.

George Washington Thomas Lambert (13 September 1873, St. Petersburg – 29 May 1930, Cobbity, near Camden), Australian painter and, later, sculptor, best known for his portraits and as a war artist during World War I.  Born in Russia, the son of an American father - who died before he was born - and an English mother, his family emigrated to Australia when he was thirteen.  He began exhibiting in Sydney at the age of twenty-one, while continuing his studies.  In 1900, with his new wife, he returned to Europe, first to Paris and then London, where he exhibited at the Royal Academy.  He became an official Australian war artist in 1917, making sketches in Palestine and on the Gallipoli peninsula, which were later used for major works.  He returned to Australia in 1921.

Circa 1900-1901.
The Official Artist, 1922.
The Artist and the Geelong Memorial Figure, circa 1924.
1930 (unfinished).


His two sons - who both remained in England when their father returned to Australia - were also well-known in their creative endeavors.  Maurice (1901–1964), was a noted sculptor and associate of the Royal Academy, and Constant (1905–1951), a celebrated composer and conductor.  Also, Constant's son, Kit (1935–1981), was a famous record producer and the manager of The Who.

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