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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Portrait of a Gentleman with a Wig, by Carlo Ceresa, circa 1665-1670

In spite of the very fashionably foppish attire, this gentleman's masculinity survives intact.  He seems very self-assured, even aggressive; not a fellow one would want to tangle with.  Or perhaps one would....

Carlo Ceresa (January 20, 1609, San Giovanni Bianco – January 29, 1679, Bergamo), Italian painter of the Baroque period.  Known for his religious works and portraits, most of his work was completed in the vicinity of Bergamo.

It appears that the name of the portrait's subject has been lost to time, but I love that the title now affixed to it is "Portrait of a Gentleman with a Wig" - as if we needed that fact pointed out to us.  The painting is stiff and almost crude, but the details are delightful nonetheless.

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  1. the small detail on his stocking is beautiful -thanks for pointing it out!