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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Clear sight - portraits of men by Hans Holbein the Younger

Hans of Antwerp, circa 1532.
Sir Charles Wingfield, circa 1532-40.
Hermann von Wedigh III, 1532.
Simon George of Cornwall, circa 1536-37.
Same as above.
 Portrait of a Young Merchant, probably Hans von Muffel of Nuremberg, 1534.
Portrait of an Unknown Man, possibly Thomas Seymour, circa 1535-40.
De Vos van Steenwijk, 1541.
Nicolas Bourbon, 1535.
Portrait of a Young Merchant, 1541.
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, circa 1532-3.
Same as above, circa 1541-43.
Sir Nicholas Poyntz, 1535.
Portrait of a Man in a Red Cap, circa 1532-35.
Portrait of an Unidentified Man, 1535.
Dirk Tybis, 1533.
William Parr, Marquess of Northampton, circa 1538-40.
Derick Berck of Cologne, 1536.
Sir Thomas Wyatt, circa 1535-37.
Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger, circa 1540-42.
Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman, circa 1532-43.
Portrait of a Hanseatic Merchant, 1538.
Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby, circa 1532-43.
 Portrait of a Member of the von Wedigh Family, called "Hermann Hillebrandt von Wedigh", 1533.
Sir Philip Hoby, circa 1532-43.
Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman, circa 1540.
Sir Thomas Lestrange of Hunstanton, circa 1536.
 Portrait of a Merchant of the German Steelyard, called "Hans of Antwerp", after September 1532.
William Reskimer, circa 1532-34.
Same as above.
Edward Fiennes de Clinton, 9th Lord Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln, circa 1532-43.
Charles de Solier, Sieur de Morette, circa 1534-35.
George Brooke, 9th Baron Cobham, circa 1532-43.
Portrait of a Falconer, 1542.

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  1. Amazingly lifelike. Charles de Solier's hands! And (presumed) Hans von Muffel's complection!