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Friday, May 17, 2019

Her "Forgotten Man" - Joan Blondell in the finale to Gold Diggers of 1933

The best-known of the Gold Diggers series takes a radically serious turn in the final musical number which - in most prints - concludes the film, Busby Berkeley's famous "Remember My Forgotten Man". One of the film's stars, the delightful Joan Blondell, recites the song lyrics in the first part, while the featured vocalist Etta Moten subsequently takes up the song and actually sings it; Moten also reportedly dubbed Blondell's singing voice during the finale of the song.


On the set.


  1. I didn't remember much about Joan Blondell, until I was examining Barb­ara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell in Night Nurse (1931). Joan was gorgeous of course, but the thing I noticed most was her great body and her exposed body bits. She looked impressive in Gold Diggers (1933) as well.

    Thanks for the link
    The Hays Code

    1. Oh, yes, there was so much gratuitous dressing and undressing in those pre-code films! Night Nurse was a good example of that. : )

    2. And thanks for the link; great that you and your commenters are having such thoughtful discussions about these interesting topics. : )

  2. Love that song and how it's staged ... a long-time favorite.

  3. One of the great sequences in film. Blondell earned every second of that prolonged closeup whether she was actually singing or not.