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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Randomly XIII

Self-portrait, by Marc Chagall, 1919.
Lana Turner, circa late 1940s-early 1950s.
Unknown, circa last quarter of the 19th century.
Amarillis Crowning Mirtillo, by Jacob van Loo, circa 1640-60.
Estudio desnudo masculino de Guadalajara, by Librado García "Smarth", circa 1922.
Monks in a monastery courtyard, by Franz Ludwig Catel, 1856.
Self-portrait, by George Frederic Watts, 1879.
Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Gustave Courbet, 1862.
Cover illustration, by Loris Riccio, 1929.
The Parasol, by Richard Edward Miller, 1913.
Waiting for the Sunday Boat, by William Henry Jackson, 1902.
The Grand Duchess Xenia and Princess Irina Yusupova in mourning for the Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich (their husband and father, respectively), 1933.
Le Chat gourmand crévant une toile pour manger des harengs (trompe-l'oeil with a cat and fish), by Louis-Léopold Boilly, circa 1822.
Jacob's Dream of the Heavenly Ladder, by Domenico Fetti, 1619.
Ménagère (set of flatware), by Salvador Dalí, 1957.
Mary Astor and John Barrymore in "Beau Brummel", 1924.
Lieutenant of the 6e Cuirassiers, circa second half of the 19th century.
Young Man with a Sword, Max Švabinský, 1896.
Unknown, circa late 19th-early 20th century. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Unknown, European, circa 1820s.
Burmese "lady boy", by Émile Gsell, circa 1880.
Lithograph after a portrait of John "Gentleman" Jackson, prizefighter and businessman, by Benjamin Marshall, before 1812.
Rendezvous, by Arthur Georg von Ramberg, 1870.
The Hon. Ruth Cable, Lady Benthall, by Glyn Philpot, circa 1935.
Unknown, circa early 20th century. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Winifred Shaw and Dick Powell with Ramon & Rosita (not actually Rosita) in the "Lullaby of Broadway" production number from Gold Diggers of 1935, 1934-35.
Turkish Groom Holding An Arab Stallion, by Carle Vernet, circa first quarter of the 19th century.
James Dean during the filming of East of Eden, 1954.
Fashion plate, December 1787.
Zofia Potocka, née Branicka, by Giuseppe Molteni, circa 1830.
Alice Vronska and Konstantin Alperov - "Vronska and Alperoff" - shipboard, circa 1924-25.
A Shepherd Boy, Franz von Lenbach, 1860.
Daguerreotype by Gustav Oehme, circa 1845.
New York, New York: waiting for trains at Pennsylvania Station, by Marjory Collins, 1942.
Probably Pauline de Chauvigny, duchesse d'Aumont, by François Dumont, 1794.
Venus Consoling Cupid Stung by a Bee, Benjamin West, circa 1802.
Opium smokers, by Lai Afong, circa 1880. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Szidónia Deák, by Alajos Györgyi Giergl, 1861.
Unknown, circa 1860s. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
The Artist's Bedroom in St. Petersburg, by Konstantin Somov, Paris, 1932.
Unknown, circa late 19th-early 20th century. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Saint Sebastian, by Gerrit van Honthorst, 1623.
Self-portrait, by Rita Angus (signed "Rita Cook", her married name at the time), 1936.
Portrait of a Man in Armor with Two Pages, by Paris Bordone, circa 1530.

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