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Friday, June 29, 2018

Youth and elegant whimsy - photographs by Stephen Gwaltney

Western Winds.
The Rapture.
The Dreamer: Home.
The Dreamer: Portrait.
The Dreamer: Wind.
If the World Turned Sideways.
The Hat Farmer.
Carry On, Carry Efforts, Just Go.
The Light Project.
The End.
Between Here and Heaven.
Adventure is out there. Go find it.
The Illusionist.

I really don't know anything about this photographer or his work. He has a page for his photography on Facebook, but hasn't posted anything for almost four years. It says there that he was born in 1992, and most of his images seem to be dated circa 2011-13. So this is the work of a twenty-year-old. The whimsy of a young man. Maybe this was just something he experimented with at the time... and then moved on. All I know is that he's handsome and that his work is well made and charming. And that's quite enough, I'd say.