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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Les hommes, les hommes, toujours les hommes....

"Jean Kolitsch, 1909." Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Count Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt in Florence, by Louis Gauffier, 1793.
"Young Peasant Laughing", by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, 1840.
The artist Paul Victor Grandhomme, attributed to Raphaël Collin, circa 1870s.
Unknown, by Emile Legagneur, active 1892-1933. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Prince Viktor Nikolaevich Gagarin, by Arturo Noci, 1907.
Portrait of a man (possible self-portrait), by Gilbert Stuart, circa 1782-9.
Portrait of a Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire (possibly Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha), by Jean-Étienne Liotard, circa 1738-43.
Jan Bernd Schaep, by Jurgen Ovens, circa 1650s.
Bela Lugosi, by Geza Kende, circa 1932.
Self-portrait, by Cedric Morris (later Sir Cedric Lockwood Morris, 9th Baronet), circa 1930.
Unknown, circa 1900-1920.
  "The Violin Student, Paris", by Stephen Seymour Thomas, 1891.
Godart Alexander Gerard Philip, Baron van der Capellen, by Cornelis Kruseman, circa 1816-20.
Frederick Douglass, 1848.
Portrait of a young man in a black suit, by Eduard Ritter, 1835.
Ernest Lee Major, by Samuel Burtis Baker, 1910.
Portrait of a young man, by François-Hubert Drouais, 1772.
Unknown, circa 1950s-early 60s.
Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on his deathbed, unknown painter, circa 1893.
 Thomas Pope, later 3rd Earl of Downe, by William Larkin, circa 1615.
"Enrico" (?), by Arturo Noci, circa 1910-25. (I've been unable to find out more information on this portrait.)
"El marino Sánchez", Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz, 1843.
"Young Bacchus", by Sergei Solomko, 1884.
Adolfo Best Maugard, by Diego Rivera, 1913.
Lew Alcindor (later Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), by Richard Avedon, 1963.
Carlo IV Borromeo Arese, unknown Lombard painter, circa 1675.
Young man in a blue jacket, by Louis-Lié Périn-Salbreux, circa 1790. (Miniature.)
Self-portrait in a red coat, by George Romney, circa 1760.
German soldier, circa 1940-45. Courtesy Ralf De Jonge.
Portrait of a young man (possibly Alessandro de'Medici), by Jacopo Pontormo, circa 1526.
Carl, 3rd Prince of Leiningen, by Louis Ami Arlaud-Jurine, 1821. (Miniature.)
Portrait of a young man, by Jacob Ferdinand Voet, circa 1670s.
Maurice Chevalier, by Edward Steichen, 1929.

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