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Friday, June 23, 2017

Hold your horses - a selection of equestrian images

Adam-Franz, Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, later Herzog von Krumlov, performing a capriole, by Johann Georg von Hamilton, circa 1700-10.
El Cid, by Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington, 1927.
Model posing for El Cid (above), before 1927.
Equestrian portrait of mademoiselle Croizette, by Carolus-Duran, 1873.
Cavalier (Portrait équestre de M. Arnaud), by Édouard Manet (apparently finished by another hand), circa 1875.
Equestrian portrait of Prince Boris Yusupov, by Antoine-Jean Gros, 1809.
Unknown artist and subject, circa 1690.
Horse and female rider, Tang dynasty (618–907).
Mounted Trumpeters of Napoléon's Imperial Guard, by Théodore Gericault, 1813-1814.
Shah Jahan on Horseback, page from the Shah Jahan Album, portrait by Payag, circa 1630.
Jumping the Gate, by James Seymour, circa 1740-50.
Le Cauchemar (The Nightmare), by John Henry Fuseli (Johann Heinrich Füssli), 1782.
Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland, by David Morier, 1765.
Valor, one of the two "Arts of War" sculptural groups flanking the Arlington Memorial Bridge, by Leo Friedlander, circa 1929-30, cast 1950-51.
King George II, by Joseph Highmore, circa 1740s-50s.
Equestrian portrait of Saint Louis of France (King Louis IX), by Jacopo Ligozzi, circa last quarter of the 16th century-first quarter of the 17th.
 Louis-Eugène d’Etchegoyen, Calvary Officer, by Antoine-Jean Gros, 1810.
Spirit of Kansas, by Mary Bartlett Pillsbury Weston, 1892.
Sketch for Equestrian Portrait of Manuel Godoy, duque de la Alcudia, by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, 1794.
Equestrian portrait of Count Anatole Demidoff, later 1st Prince of San Donato, by Karl Briullov, begun circa 1828 (?) and left unfinished.
King Henri II on horseback, by François Clouet and Studio, circa 1540s.
Thomas Cholmondeley, 1st Lord Delamere, on His Hunter, study for The Cheshire Hunt at Tatton Park, by Henry Calvert, circa 1839.
Equestrian Portrait of a Gentleman, by Barent Graat, circa 1660s.
Hand-painted souvenir postcard from the Moulin Rouge, circa 1890s.


  1. What a grab bag! I love the blase capriole at the top. And ugh The Spirit of Kansas is so saccharine. I wonder what she's going to use that rod for? It's too big to tap the horse with. Maybe it's for laying out Missourians...

  2. After David's portrait of Napoleon crossing the Alps, equestrian portraits just seem...silly. But I do love that you threw in "The Nightmare", always a favorite.