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Friday, January 6, 2017

Making music - portraits of musicians

Miss Isabella H. Gardiner, by Sir James Guthrie, 1899.
Portrait of the composer and flautist François Devienne, Circle of Jacques-Louis David, circa 1792.
Portrait of a Lady Playing a Hurdy-Gurdy, attributed to Donatien Nonotte, circa 1750s-60s.
Le Joueur de flûte (The Flute-Player), by Nicolas Tournier, circa 1624.
Portrait of a Violinist, by Zofia Zdanowska, circa1905-1910.
Portrait of a Boy, English School, circa 1790.
Guilhermina Suggia, by Augustus John, 1920.
Luigi Boccherini, by unknown artist, circa 1764-67.
Portrait of a Young Lady at the Clavichord, by Georg Anton Urlaub, 1779.
Young Man Playing a Viola, by Pietro Paolini, circa 1620.
Barbara Janssens Playing the Organ, by Herman van der Mijn, 1726.
The Lute Player, by Hendrick Maertensz Sorgh, 1661.
The Concert, by Hans Temple, circa 1910s-20s.
The Rest, his Daughter Edith, by John Ferguson Weir, 1900-1.
Portrait of a Lute Player, by Francesco Salviati, circa 1545-1550.
The Duet, by Charles van Beveren, circa 1840s.
Self-Portrait, by Gerrit Backhuijzen, circa 1745-1760.
Woman Playing a Lute, by Giuseppe Crespi, circa 1700-05.
Monsieur Aublet, by Guillaume Voiriot, circa 1782.
Portrait of a Lady at the Piano, by Adèle Romany, circa 1810s.


And one last musician, superior though unschooled....

Apollo, by Nicolas Regnier, circa mid-17th century.

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