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L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e  ~  D o s t o ï e v s k i

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Randomly IX

Mary Ruthven, his wife, by Anthony van Dyck, 1639.
Vanitas, by Pietro Negri, 1662.
Unknown, ND.
Elegante au sofa, by Julius LeBlanc Stewart, 1895.
Unknown, ND.
Oedipus confronting the Sphinx, by François-Xavier Fabre, 1806.
Nadezhda Polovtseva, by Charles François Jalabert, circa 1870s.
Giuseppa Carcano, Marchesa di Visconti di Borgorato, by Baron Gérard, 1810.
Unknown, ND.
The King's State Bedchamber, Windsor Castle, by James Roberts, 1855. (Decorated for the visit of the Emperor and Empress of the French.)
María Josefa Amalia of Saxony, Queen of Spain, by Vicente López y Portaña, 1828.
(By the slight discoloration in the paint surface, it's apparent that this was at one time framed as an oval.)
Portrait of a Lady, by François Boucher, circa 1760-70.
"Portrait of Fersen (?)", by Franz Krüger, 1850.
Unknown, ND. (Courtesy Ralf de Jonge.)
Jane Digby, Lady Ellenborough, by Sir William Ross, circa 1825-30.
Portrait of Mrs J., by Józef Męcina-Krzesz, 1912.
Alexander Filippovich Kokorinov, by Dmitry Levitsky, 1769.
Reference Nude, by sculptor Jacques de Lalaing, circa 1880s-90s.
Unknown, ND.
Triple portrait of mignons of Henri III, by Lucas de Heere, circa 1570. (For the record, these are all young men.)
The coffins of Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse and two of her children, in the Mausoleum at Darmstadt, by  Heinrich Reinhard Kroh, 1879.
Unknown, circa 1850. (Sisters...?)
Four African American women at Atlanta University, Georgia, 1899.
Etude d'homme allongé sur une balustrade, by Carolus-Duran,1875.
Study of a Swimmer, by J. C. Leyendecker, circa first quarter of the twentieth century.
Unknown, circa 1920s.
The Maid, by Wilhelm August Lebrecht Amberg, 1862.
Portrait of a young lady with a white veil, French School, circa 1800.
Study of a man, by Anton Ažbe, 1886.
HRH Prince Bertil of Sweden, unknown photographer, 1934.
Sarah Siddons, by Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1804.
Johanna Sacco as Medea, by Joseph Hickel, 1786.
Narcissus, by Jan Cossiers, 1636-38.
Francis George “Kicho” Harrison, by George Platt Lynes, 1940.


  1. A glorious collection. I've always been drawn to the triple portrait of mingons by Lucas de Heere, by the luminous perfection of the skin in Sir William Ross' portrait of Lady Ellenborough, and by the challenging gaze of the subject of Charles Francois Jalabert's portrait. Thank you.

  2. Wonderful selection! It would seem Henri III definitely had a "type" as they say!

    The facial expression on the "Portrait of Fensen(?)" is wonderfully subtle. Thank you for posting these.

  3. So many wonderful faces and more. I'd love to hear what Mary Ruthven had to say. She looks delightfully waspish.

  4. Maybe the painting of the Fersen you're showing, is that of the child of Axel von Fersen #3

    Axel von Fersen #3 was the son of Fabian Reinhold von Fersen, brother of Axel von Fersen #2, the friend of Marie Antoinette, and grandson of Axel #1 the Elder.


    Loved this post! Thank you so much.