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Friday, August 5, 2016

Par baron Gérard, en pied - royal and imperial ladies, Bonaparte and Bourbon

Hortense, wife of Louis Bonaparte and Queen of Holland, daughter of the Empress Joséphine, with her son Napoléon Louis, 1807.
Elisa Baciocchi Levoy née Bonaparte, Grand Duchess of Tuscany, Princess of Lucca and Piombino, and her daughter Elisa, 1811.
The Empress Marie-Louise and the King of Rome, 1813.
Caroline Murat née Bonaparte, Queen of Naples, with her children, circa 1809-10.
Marie-Lætitia Buonaparte née Ramolino, "Madame Mère", mother of Napoléon I, two variations of the same portrait, circa 1802-4.
A third variation.
Marie-Julie, wife of Joseph Bonaparte and Queen of Spain, with her two daughters, Zénaïde and Charlotte, circa 1808-9.
Madame Bonaparte, later the Empress Joséphine, at Malmaison, 1801.
Queen Hortense with her son Napoléon Louis, 1807.


The duchesse de Berry and her children, Louise-Marie-Thérèse d’Artois and Henri d'Artois, duc de Bordeaux, comte de Chambord, 1822.
The duchesse d'Orléans, later Queen Marie-Amélie, with her son Ferdinand, duc de Chartres, 1819.
Copy after Gérard by Louis Joseph Noyal.


  1. just adore the clothing from this era - still rich but simplified. plus it actually looks comfortable.

  2. My current passion is Empress Elizabeth of Austria...a later time period, to be sure...