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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Randomly III

James, Duke of York, later King James II, in the guise of a Roman general, by Henri Gascar, circa 1673.
Unknown, no date.
"Miss Beaton" (probably Barbara "Baba" Beaton, sister of Cecil Beaton), by George Spencer Watson, circa 1933 or 1934.
"Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" (Little Red Riding Hood), by Fleury François Richard, circa 1820.
Comte Christophe Urbanowski, by Anton Graff, 1791.
Jeanette MacDonald in "The Love Parade", photographer unknown, 1929.
"Portrait d'une élégante dame", by Nicolas de Largillière, circa 1700.
"Portrait d’un jeune homme", by Joseph Deranton, circa 1790.
 Advertising for Zotos Welding Gel (?), photographer unknown, 1988.
"A Testing Question", by Frederick Morgan, 1892. Interestingly, the mother's gown and coiffure are in the style of the early 1870s.
Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg, Princess of Wales, the mother of King George III, studio of Allan Ramsay, circa 1760-68.
Interior, by Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy, circa 1830s.
Princess Charlotte Bonaparte, by Jean-Pierre Granger, 1808. She was the daughter of Napoléon's brother Joseph.
George Wyndham, 3rd Earl of Egremont, in the North Gallery at Petworth, by Thomas Phillips, 1839.
Unknown, no date.
Alice Crawford in the role of Olivia in "Twelfth Night", by William Logsdail, 1907.

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  1. great collection! I'm always so happy to see a picture of Jeanette MacDonald anywhere :-)