L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e ~ D o s t o ï e v s k i

L a - b e a u t é - s a u v e r a - l e - m o n d e  ~  D o s t o ï e v s k i

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sargent: white with red

Ena and Betty, Daughters of Asher and Mrs. Wertheimer, 1901.

Sometimes you forget just how good Sargent was.  I especially like his compositions whose color schemes are based on a combination of red and white.  Sometimes the red will only be an accent, just something to set off his famous whites.

Winifred, Duchess of Portland, 1902.
Arthur Ramsay, 14th Earl of Dalhousie, 1900.
Mrs. William Marshall Cazalet and Children, Edward and Victor, 1900-01.
Miss Dorothy Vickers, circa 1884.
Charles Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquess of Londonderry, bearing the Sword of State at the coronation of Edward VII, 1902, 1904.
The Birthday Party (Fête Familiale), 1887.

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